Science is Fun

This site contains my collected notes about volunteering for first grade. I hope to teach these kids while they are still young and impressionable the thrill of investigation and discovery. I'm publishing this site to inspire others who work with kids to teach basic science and to pass on the shared wisdom that I've collected from various sources on the Internet.

I am a mom and a software engineer. While I have found that in Sillicon Valley, "flex time" often just means "more time," I do appreciate that I have a job that lets me spend one morning a week doing something entirely different. It used to be that I considered waking up at 9am to be an early morning. Now, once a week after spending first period leading science experiments with a group of first graders, I arrive at the office at 10:30 or 11am, which is not so late on a software engineering team. Often work at the office seems frentic and it feels like we write software at a wild pace, yet after the enthusiam and energy experienced by working with a group of six and seven year olds, it is surprising how subdued it feels to walk into an office. Poeple who know me remark that it is amazing that I can find the extra time to do these science projects, but I find that Tuesday mornings find me enthusiastic to tackle any problem, and dreaming up science experiments for kids leaves me with a surplus of creative energy.

I welcome feedback from anyone who has ideas of fun science experiments. I don't know where this will take me after first grade. You can read about my thoughts on other topics at the evolving ultrasaurus, a site that is not about dinosaurs.

Sarah Allen